Technician holding cell samples in in a laboratory that engineers human tissues for implant. Such implants include bone and skin grafts.

About Bone Grafting

We can handiest imagine what our bodies might appear to be with out bones. this scaffolding affords guide, shape, and safety to our organs and delicate tissue. the bone round your teeth, known as alveolar bone, holds the teeth firmly in place. the precise peak, form, and density of this specialized bone can be compromised due to gum sickness, enamel removal, and other varieties of trauma.

If bone shrinks faraway from your enamel, it by no means grows lower back. in some cases, bone may be advocated to fill in with grafting substances placed by us. Each scenario presents a extraordinary situation, but greater options than ever exist to promote bone restore inside the jaw. for instance, whilst a teeth needs elimination, a massive hole then exists inside the bone. even as it will eventually fill in, the site has a tendency to cut back, drawing bone away from the vicinity jeopardizing surrounding teeth. grafting materials may be located on the time of enamel elimination to help maintain the present bone degree. bone grafts are specifically beneficial if you are thinking about an implant-supported restoration in the destiny.

Health Tips & Info

Another significant factor in your oral health is your diet. Acidic foods and drinks can erode enamel just as a balanced diet can help keep your teeth and gums strong and healthy. Regular professional exams and cleanings, a dedicated at-home hygiene routine, and a healthy, balanced diet can help prevent minor issues from becoming major procedures.

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